Kumaksy Watched Banksy.2020.0327

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He is salaryman, street dancer, web designer, video creator, humming song writer, etc.


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Kumaksy maked this poster March.29.2020

Production notes

A doctor said Kumaksy "You had paranasal sinusitis."at February,07,2020. He started taking medicine. He had constipation and slight fever at February,8,2020. He guessed a side effect of medicine. He checked the meal which cures constipation on the Internet. He thought "Spaghetti,Campbell's soup,vegetable,seaweed,are good foods." He started eating "good foods" from February,8,2020. He got over sickness February,14,2020. He restart training street dance February,15,2020. He thought "I want going museum in Japan." He checked the museum on the Internet. He found the best museum "ANDY WARHOL KYOTO" He thought "Kyoto seems much away.I feel troublesome.but I want make graffiti like ANDY WARHOL" He flashed "CupNoodle!" He forgot an art museum for a while after that. He received a notification by Watanabe on Facebook Message February,18,2020. Watanabe is Kumaksy's friend in high school days. Watanabe said "I am planning to move to Hokkaido at April. Therefore I want eat meal with Kumaksy at Kuji." Kumaksy met Watanabe "BIJIYA(Nepal restaurant)" at Kuji March,11,2020. Kumaksy presented a Starbucks prepaid Card to Watanabe. Kumaksy found Watabe's posts on Face book "I want going Banksy Museum at YOKOHAMA" Kumaksy knew "Banksy" for the first time March,12,2020. Kumaksy went "WAAAPS at Tsurumi(STREET DANCE SCHOOL and DJ BAR)March,12,2020. Kumaksy asked Showrin(Orner of WAAAPS) "Do you know Banksy?" Showrin answered "I know Banksy of course. Banksy is very famous graffiti artist." Kumaksy asked Showrin "Do you know Banksy Museum in YOKOHAMA from March,12,2020 to September,27,2020?" Showrin answered "I don't know.Tell me Infomation" Kumaksy send to Showrin "Link of Banksy Museum web site" on the LINE. Kumaksy received message from Showrin March 26,2020. Showrin reported "I went"to Banksy Museum in YOKOHAMA.and tomorrow is last day under the influence of corona" Kumaksy shocked. Kumaksy went to Banksy Museum in YOKOHAMA(ASOBUILD) 17:00 March 27,2020. Kumaksy watched Banksy. and Kumaksy visited "PICH CLUB" Kumaksy maked CupNoodle poster March.29.2020. Kumaksy maked Video "Kumaksy watched Banksy" March.29.2020. Special thanks A.Watanabe(Ikuta),Showrin(WAAAPS),Aoyama(NIS),Tasaki(PICH CLUB)and Banksy.